Badge Activity

badge-webWhat makes you a Safety Superhero?

Decorate one of our superhero badges with words and/or pictures of what makes you a Safety Superhero. Think about what special skills or qualities a Fall Prevention Safety Superhero has, and how you can show that on your badge.

Get creative, and make it nice and bright so everyone can see you are proud to be a Safety Superhero!

1) Pick a badge style from the options below.
2) Click on the badge you want to print. A pdf window will open, and you can save your badge or print it.
3) Print off our Safety Superhero badge.
4) Grab your markers and pencil crayons.
5) Draw a picture of what makes you a Safety Superhero.
6) Wear your colourful badge to show everyone what a proud Safety Superhero you are, or put it up on your wall or fridge where everyone can see it!

Download the French badge activity or choose from one of the options below

Superhero Badge Page 1Superhero Badge Page 2

Superhero Badge Page 3 Superhero Badge Page 4 Superhero Badge Page 5 Superhero Badge Page 6 Superhero Badge Page 7 Superhero Badge Page 8Superhero Badge Page 9