about the activities


Safety Superheroes: Preventing Grandparents From Falling is a picture book created to teach children how to help prevent falls in themselves and those they love – especially older members of their families and communities. It is now available in 3 languages: English, French and Chinese.



Trained facilitators lead a workshop for students in a classroom or library, which includes reading the book together and discussing fall prevention, as well as using the interactive learning materials as a group (dollhouse, challenge) and sending the students home with checklists and the safety superhero challenge.


These worksheets were designed to check for understanding after students have read the book, and also to give them something to take home and help extend the learning beyond their classroom or library.



An online challenge gives students another way they can test their knowledge in an interactive way in a different format. Students are required to remove hazards from Grandpa’s house, and then add safety equipment to make it even safer. Once they’ve completed the challenge, they can download their Safety Superhero certification!


Once students have completed the challenge (on paper or electronically), they are now part of the Safety Superheroes fall prevention team and can customize their certificate!


The dollhouses give students a chance to put what they’ve learned to use by removing hazards and adding safety equipment to the houses while facilitators guide the interactions. Things like hand railings and non-slip bath mats can be added, while hazards such as toys, magazines, floppy slippers etc. may need to be removed. Several dollhouses exist, and each one is a little bit different.


Some school kits and workshops include superhero mask making kits, and templates for paper masks can also be downloaded from this site for those who would like to do some Safety Superheroes crafts at home.